Gaskets & Industrial Products

Gaskets & Gasket Material
• Neoprene, natural, nitrile, insertion rubber, viton, silicone, cork, non asbestos fibre, PTFE, plastic shim and felt gaskets
• Made to order or supplied in sheet.
• Pipe flange gaskets available ex stock. 

Industrial Products
• Pump & Valve Packing  A large variety of types/styles of pump and valve packings. Available by the  metre or 8m packs.
• Oil Seals  Viton, Nitrile, Silicone, PTFE.  
• Mechanical Seals
• Flange Seals
• Floating Seals
• Mechanical Seals:  Spring loaded Carbon/Ceramic face type seals.
• CNC Turned Components: plastics, nylons, PTFE, polyurethanes and rubbers (including viton).
• Washers  
◦ Made to order in red fibre, polyurethane, nylons, rubbers, plastics, PTFE etc.
◦ Bonded Washers: Rubber to metal bond, to suit thread and bolt sealing application.
◦ Ezi Glide thrust washers



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